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How LinkCAD locates fonts

LinkCAD supports the SHX font format, which is also used by AutoCAD. TrueType fonts are not supported, because these are not optimized for CAD applications.

SHX fonts are located as follows:

  1. in LinkCAD's Program Folder,
  2. in the folders listed under Tools > Options... > Fonts,
  3. in the font folders of AutoCAD / VoloView if installed.

If not found, it defaults to the font listed under Tools > Options... >
Fonts, and as a last resort it uses the built-in TXT font.

LinkCAD also supports a font map file: this file must be named "lcad.fmp" and it
must be in LinkCAD's Program Folder. The file has the following format:

  fontname;mapped name

If, for instance, the map file contains the entry:


and LinkCAD encounters are request for the font "Arial", it will map it to
"Arial.shx" and then look for this SHX font. The mapped font can also be
scaled by appending a scaling factor, eg:


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