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My computer crashed... How can I reinstall LinkCAD and recover my license ?

  1. Get the LinkCAD setup file. If you no longer have the original setup file, re-download the latest 15-day trial version from our web site.
  2. If you still have the license backup file (lcadbak.lic) that was created when you first registered LinkCAD, then copy this file to the same folder as the LinkCAD setup file.
  3. Re-install LinkCAD by double-clicking on the setup file. The license will be restored automatically from the license backup file (lcadbak.lic).

If you also lost the license backup file (lcadbak.lick), skip step 2 and send us the serial number displayed in LinkCAD's Help > About LinkCAD... box. Please provide your contact details and your LinkCAD order number. We will then send you a new registration code.

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