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  1. Converting files with multiple top cells
    This video shows how to handle multiple top cells in an input file....
  2. Why is the file size of the generated file so large?
    When converting a binary format (such as GDSII) to a text based format (such as RS-274X, DXF, GDS-TX...
  3. What command line options are supported ?
    The text file attached bellow ("LinkCAD Options.txt") contains a full list of all command line and c...
  4. How to export each layer to a separate file
    It is sometimes desired to export the layers in the original file into separate files. While th...
  5. Why is the converted file too large or too small ?
    If the converted file is too small or too large, and you are either converting from or to DXF, then ...
  6. How LinkCAD locates fonts
    LinkCAD supports the SHX font format, which is also used by AutoCAD. TrueType fonts are not supporte...
  7. Hatching: How to create filled areas
    Unlike AutoCAD, where you need to hatch areas to created filled surfaces, LinkCAD always fills ...