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Zeland IE3D

The IE3D Format is a text file that defines the graphics for the IE3D 3D Electromagnetic Simulator by Zeland Software[link]. The file structure does not support hierarchical levels and has a file extension of .GEO.

File Structure

Both two-dimensional and three dimensional polygons and interconnects (wires) are defined as X, Y & Z coordinates. Electrical attributes for the polygons and dielectric materials are defined in the file. Ports are also defined as well as grid structure, cell size and frequency range. When a file is transferred in or out of the IE3D format, all attributes are lost. This is not a problem, because they are easily added within the IE3D modeler or when exported, the attributes are not used.

Data Format

All geometries are defined as polygons with at least three vertices for each polygon. There are no limits to the number of vertices in a polygon. Layers are defined in the Z axis with an unlimited number of layers supported. Each vertex of a polygon has an X, Y & Z coordinate assigned and are on a separate line, which makes it quite easy to read with a text editor.

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